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Surbetes Ice-­‐cream Case-­‐study*
Hi, I’m Noemi Duford and I am the owner of Surbetes, a small ice cream parlor across the street.
With all the hype about getting mobile, I’m still skeptical about how it can help me. Afterall, I’m just a small business along a big street.
Well, this is where I got surprised. Weeks after launching the mobile site, visitors to my shop increased. Their friends had shared a coupon and they came to redeem it. What’s amazing is how fast these coupons spreads. I’ve printed paper coupons in the past and it took quite some time to be distributed and for visitors to come redeem it.
My customers tell me that they shared the mobile coupons with at least 3 other friends.
Many people in the F&B business will know. Good food lingers for a long time in your customers mind. What you need to do is to get them to try it once, and they will be hooked. Well, mobile coupons is definitely one way for me to dangle the hook 🙂
Going mobile is not just for big corporations with big marketing budgets.
Mobile solutions are now very affordable and offers promising results. It helped my small ice cream parlor and I’m sure it can help yours too. Of course, a good ice cream goes a long way too. 😉
-­‐Noemi Duford, successfully gone mobile~
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